Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Episode Two ~ close encounters in Arizona with nature

EPISODE TWO was filmed over two days starting the morning of April 15th Friday, 2016. The episode opens as Kim and Anna headed south out of Sedona with threatening clouds and light showers. We had an overnight in Scottsdale with Paul and Sandy Berger and visited with Anna's sister Rae (who flew in for her birthday) and on Saturday morning we went to Hereford. We stopped for lunch at Lupes in Oracle Junction after riding straight past a bunch of beautiful saguaro cactus that we didn't stop to photograph (regret). After lunch in which Kim was craving shrimp that they don't serve (we ate chips and dip instead). We ran into the ORACLE (his name is Steve). He was alluring on his Harley to give us a ride after we read his button “sit on a happy face”. Kim had a pillion ride on Steve's Oracle chariot. We then headed to Hereford and fatigue is setting in at least for Anna ~ she declared she wanted to sit on an “angry face”, she's about had it with the mirth and frivolity for some reason. We arrived at Hereford at Barbara and Ludie Kuttner's home. Barbara served up a beautiful ratatouille dinner but the meal is interrupted by Javelina running by the motorcycles. This causes a momentary intermission in the dinner. We got a Wild Kingdom lesson in javelina, don't mess with them and they are NOT pigs apparently. Then on Sunday morning we get up and went to Bisbee and had the most unbelievable encounter with a bee swarm about seven miles outside of the town. We didn't stop after hitting what felt like rocks being chucked at us (Kim thought they were capers). Later we were told that was good or we could have been stung to death by the Africanized bees. We were in absolute shock when we pulled up in Bisbee as we reviewed the damage. Kim didn't even take off her helmet for about ten minutes as she was recovering from the “caper attack”. Anna's lip suffered a significant bee sting that got huge two days later, like a Grouper fish! The surreal entrance of dainty cookie lady in pink walking by us in Bisbee really caps off the episode… you would think she would have offered a damn cookie but no?! Bis-BEEEEEEEEEE.

Special thanks to Jay Joo and Sena Technologies for the camera and communicator equipment used in these pieces. Thanks to Craig Maclaine, technical advisor/editor and we couldn't produce this episode without the generous support of our lodging hosts in Arizona: Mark Trippetti in Sedona, Paul and Sandy Berger in Scottsdale, Ludy and Barbara Kuttner in Hereford.

MUSIC from Audio Network : "On a Roll" by Terry Devine-King, "Bullseye" by Paul Mottram / Bob Bradley, "On the Up by Terry Devine-King / Tom Peters / Gavin Harrison, "Heads Will Roll” Adam Drake / Tom Jenkins

Lipstick and Dirt episode 2 encounters in Arizona from Anna MacKinnon on Vimeo.

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